Aug 31, 2022
Faith in Christ Jesus is sparked as each child relates to God with help from young adults called to serve God. The relationship between the child and young adult is so transformative that Camp UMM has decided to double down on prayer and support for these missionaries. The vision is to surround each missionary with prayer, support & encouragement so they can be as effective as possible in sparking faith in Christ Jesus. 

The Impact:

Thank you to the amazing hands of these young adults that spend all summer in direct care positions of the Camp UMM Campers.  May God bless you as you return to your states and countries from around the world.

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Upper Missouri Ministries is located on 203 acres on the shores of Springbrook Dam. The shore line surrounds most of the camp site, which is on a peninsula nestled in the coulee bottom.

This is a perfect setting for kids and families to experience the Love and Grace of Jesus through time in creation and community that allows faith in Christ Jesus to be sparked.

Children (of all ages) are in need of a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and other people. And we all need to reconnect with the Love and Grace of God found in Jesus. Time at Camp UMM provides experiences in services, worship, study, and quiet time. Campers return to their homes, families, and communities with faith in Christ Jesus that is sparked and with tools that will allow them to weather the storms of life.


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