Executive Director

Nick Johnson came to Upper Missouri Ministries in the fall of 2004. He is married to Dana and they have three children. They live in Williston where they enjoy taking walks to the park, going camping, and enjoying the activities their children enjoy.  
Nick's duties include working with the Board of Directors to discover the vision God has for UMM. Also, he is the primary person responsible for fundraising, human resources and publicity.

Business Manager

Kasey Anderson serves as the Business Manager and is in the Williston Office.   She helps process donations, organizes mailings, processes invoices to keep the lights on, answers phones, and keep the camp moving forward. 

Interim Program Director

Paige Winner is the interim Program Director.  She has a passion to relate people to the great New of Jesus.  This fall she is working to prepare camp programs for the next program director.  Paige is married to Wade and they live in Williston with their best dog, Miller.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kirsten Rooke serves as the coordinator for all marketing that UMM does for campers, families, donors, and the partners we serve in our region.  As the point person for communications, she helps focus the message of the Bible camp to reach more kids with the love and grace of Christ Jesus.  She works remotely most of the year from Minneapolis, MN, and visits camp often as well.


Marti Knudsen is the part-time Registrar that helps make sure all campers have the right information filled out online.  She lives in South Dakota with her husband and three girls.  

Facilities Director


Keefe Lovgren serves as the Facilities Director with his hammer and passion for God.   You will see him always on the go at camp tackling the 200 acres and 18 buildings.
A resident of Williston, his wife, Vanessa, and 4 girls run (literally run cross  country) all over keeping active and connected.  Contact the camp today to find a way to help your Bible camp with the many needs that exist with our site and facilities.


Upper Missouri Ministries is located on 203 acres on the shores of Springbrook Dam. The shore line surrounds most of the camp site, which is on a peninsula nestled in the coulee bottom.

This is a perfect setting for kids and families to experience the Love and Grace of Jesus through time in creation and community that allows faith in Christ Jesus to be sparked.

Children (of all ages) are in need of a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and other people. And we all need to reconnect with the Love and Grace of God found in Jesus. Time at Camp UMM provides experiences in services, worship, study, and quiet time. Campers return to their homes, families, and communities with faith in Christ Jesus that is sparked and with tools that will allow them to weather the storms of life.


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