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"One night there was a camper who was missing home, so I told him about all the fun things we would do the next day. After that he got super excited for bible study, and made it through the rest of the week without getting homesick. It was super cool!" -Summer Staff Member

"Thank you for the friends and family you have provided that brought me out of my shell and transformed my life. Thank you for letting me be apart of that transformation in other people's lives." -4th Grade Camper

"Thank you for connecting us all to you and to each other. Thank you for using what you have given us to connect us all and bring us together. Thank you for being the vine for us." -6th Grade Camper


Upper Missouri Ministries is located on 203 acres on the shores of Springbrook Dam. The shore line surrounds most of the camp site, which is on a peninsula nestled in the coulee bottom.

This is a perfect setting for kids and families to experience the Love and Grace of Jesus through time in creation and community that allows faith in Christ Jesus to be sparked.

Children (of all ages) are in need of a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and other people. And we all need to reconnect with the Love and Grace of God found in Jesus. Time at Camp UMM provides experiences in services, worship, study, and quiet time. Campers return to their homes, families, and communities with faith in Christ Jesus that is sparked and with tools that will allow them to weather the storms of life.


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